The mum of an 11-year-old boy who was seriously injured after being hit by a car has joined a new SafeSpeed campaign.

The Saltney Community Initiative, a local voluntary group focused on speeding, the town’s environment and resident advocacy, has begun a campaign to highlight the risks of speeding.

The Leader has previously reported that 11-year-old Alfie Watts was knocked down by a speeding motorist and left in a critical condition.

His mum, Zoe Grundy, has joined the local group as a 'Campaign Champion' and hopes to raise awareness using the terrible situation her family had to endure as a way of highlighting the need for safe driving.

She told the Leader: "Our streets are clearly unsafe, with dangerous motorists speeding up and down the busiest, most residential, streets in our small community.

"What happened to my family has changed our lives. It could have been anyone, a child busy playing, a mum or dad on the way home from work, or a senior citizen on the way home from doing a weekly shop. A speeding incident is indiscriminate.

"I am proud to support, and join as a Campaign Champion, the Saltney Community Initiative’s SafeSpeed Campaign. Because yes it was my family, but it could have been yours. I don’t want it to happen again."

The SafeSpeed Campaign was announced via the Group’s Facebook Page on Thursday, September 19. It is designed to encourage community participation in the fight for safer streets.

On Ms Grundy’s appointment, the group’s chairman and campaign organiser, Shaun Hingston, said the group was 'honoured' and 'proud' to have Ms Grundy on board.

He added: "It is a role in which she can do immense good and provide the personal experience that we hope will help us to convince the powers that be that things need to change.

"That is the aim of this group; change. We want it, our community needs it, and we are willing to fight for it."

The campaign comes after what the group has labelled ‘inaction’ and a lack of the ‘much needed change’ after a group of residents banded together in order to gather support for a petition calling on the Welsh Government and Flintshire Council to reduce the speed limit in residential areas, within the small South Flintshire community.

That petition gathered over 2,000 signatures and the group has pledged it will be followed up.

Mr Hingston added: "Earlier this year, residents of all political backgrounds banded together in order to support a petition calling for a reduction in the speed limit to 20mph.

"That petition gathered a staggering 2,000 signatures.

"Yet, despite this, we still live in a town where our roads are unsafe. Where mothers and fathers, guardians and carers, cannot let their children play out in fear of a speeding incident.

"Where the elderly don’t feel safe walking on our streets because of the speeding cars that rush past them. Where everyday people, who ought to be proud of their community, live in fear of the untold dangers of our streets.

"Saltney has realised that we need action if we want to ensure the safety and security of all of our residents. We shall be the group that makes our town safe."

Steve Jones, chief officer streetscene and transportation said: "Staff from the county council have been working closely with representatives of the community to design a scheme for the area which achieves the desired outcome.

"The meeting this week has not been cancelled, officers from the council advised the group that they were not available on the proposed date and a meeting to discuss the outcome of the investigation works is to be arranged in the next few weeks."