BRYAN HUGHES is adamant he’s still the right man to lead Wrexham, but he has work to do to convince the fans that he can lift the club’s flagging fortunes.

Asked whether Hughes was the right man to turn Wrexham around, the answer was a unanimous one.

RogerParfitt22: "No he isnt."

Paul Parry: "Club legend on the playing side but as a manager it’s a big NO. Performances are very poor and this means poor results, he is using a poor formation and is tinkering too much. He appears to have lost the faith of the players and is totally unemotional on the sidelines."

Christopher Ceejaybeans: "I think most fans wanted him to succeed, but sadly it hasnt. It looks likely that things need to freshen up, as a rut has set in. I wish him well if he does move on."

Alun Jones: "I think it’s time yes I wanted to give him longer based on my respect for what he did as a player and I also liked the signings he made pre season and wanted to see them gel as a team. However if we are going to turn things around we now cannot wait until Xmas. Action now."

Stuart Rogers: "NO NO NO. Cracking player but not manager material. SHAME on you the Board, when will this bargain basement ( cheap) option end??? Never until the board is changed, all got there own personal agendas. Harris stick to making corn flakes."

wxm14cc: "It’s no good @Tada1973 bragging we’ve money in the bank etc if we get relegated which is looking more likely with every game! Time for him to go and sort the mess out before it’s too late!"

Dave Jones: "Yeah like Gary Mills! Or Brian Little! Sorry, but 'proven track record' means nothing. (Not saying Hughes is the right man, but management appointments are a lotto)."

richard emberton: "Think that could be old news rich if the rumours are true and he’s been sacked as your next headline should be who’s next ??"

Matty: "No, absolutely not. He's failed to fix simple problems and appears too stubborn to abandon his "style of play". We are scoring as many goals per game as we did last season (his main aim was to improve this) and we are leaking far more. He needs to go now, or we've got no chance."

jason g: "In my opinion no , never see him on the touch line barking his orders always other people probably a really great bloke but not a gaffer not strong enough."

james roberts: "Sadly the results and performances do not match the ability of our squad. Accountability in football says the manager has the overall responsibility for this. So I'd have to say it's time for someone else to try, and with them a new backroom team."

Ian Reece: "I don't think that Bryan Hughes is the right man for Wrexham. There's no style, fight aggression or even enthusiasm there. I think the board should spend some of the money in the bank and bring in a manager with a proven track record, it might cost but it'll be worth it."

A. Hughes: "No, and the board member that decided on the 3.5 year contract for Hughes also deserves the sack."

Enfys: "No, and neither are the part time coaching staff. Shambles. Should never have been given the role and also a 3 year contract is a joke. I do feel a bit sorry for him, the board have messed up again and will try to side step Q's again like with the Barrow farce."

Joe: "No, get him gone along with Darlington and Flynn, and Oakes if he can’t coach Dibble how to catch a cross."

Marco: "Yes just give him the correct coaching staff would help."

paul cooper: "No should have never even been in the running for the job in first place cheap option turned the best defence in the league to one of the worst signed a right back who is nothing sort of shocking waited and waited for a crocked midfielder to get fit and give him a deal useless."

jamie heath: "Has to go alongside that clown darlington who doesn't have a clue! Flynn must go too part time staff doesn't work and the boards time is up aswell! I wont pay another penny to that club under these jokers."

Gaz Trow: "Unfortunately not, I was rooting for him to do well but I feel he's been chucked under a bus by not being given full time coaching staff. I believe if he had he would have done well but unfortunately he has lost the dressing room."

Mark Riley: "If there is no hint of improvement in the next two games, then there must be change. I still attribute blame to Keates and Ricketts for abandoning the club and players, and the lasting impact that has had. Needs new management as there is a real danger of relegation looming."

emma roberts: "Very surreal at the club at present, lost the fans, still playing a formation that isn’t right for the players we lose and then he does it again, we need the team to speak up and say why things are not working on and off the pitch."

Jamie Jones: "No, completely out of his depth and no support from part time coaching staff." Dean Elliott: "No, it’s clear that he is totally out of his depth and having a part time backroom staff is not doing him any favours. He should never have been given the job in the first place."

Rhys Edwards: "No. Let’s be real Board need to get deep into the pockets and pay for a good manager with a good record! Probs End up gettting a manager who’s inexperienced that will get given a 3 year deal. Cause we won’t spent a extra few grand a year."

Tony Jones: "Think he needs to go, but not only him. Feel bit sorry for Hughes but he's definitely not the man to change this around. He looked a lonely figure on sat. Whoever comes in next needs a proper backroom staff. Maybe the board should concentrate on that."

Dickie: "No and still no clearer to understanding why he was appointed in the first place. Great player but no thanks Bryan."

Martin Williams: "No, and nobody can be surprised. Fabulous player but zero pedigree or guile as a manager. Was always going to be short term. A punt. It sadly hasn't paid off. We need experience and someone to clear the air and kick a few backsides."

LBraisdell: "He should go. No doubt about it. Darlington and Flynn should walk. This club need a stable back room team and it starts by having full-time staff at the club. It’s amateur that the board have allowed this to happen."

Paul Morris: "Get rid end of, any longer it will be a relegation battle, he is out of his depth."

wand of a left foot: "No, he should be relieved of his duties along with Flynn and Darlington."

Oz: "Massively out of his depth. No thanks to harris, the fond memories of a brilliant player are now overshadowed by his management style. My Nan could do better and she’s been brown bread for the last 15 years."

Richard Froom: "He's lost the dressing room and the board have lost the fans. It's not his fault he got the job, and I doubt the fans have anything personally against him, but let's be real he's just way out of his depth. The club needs a huge reshuffle from the top down to achieve its potential."

DJ shaun carr: "His time is up along with darlo."

Ken Davies: "No - and he never was - it was a very poor recruitment process - the outcome was inevitable."

Andrew Miller: "If he had any decency he’d walk away. Well out of his depth."

gary jones: "No worse football we have played for years,not got a clue."

John Humphreys: "No, Flynn and Darlington should also be shipped out. Darlington is the one common denominator in all this dross football for years, we want a full time management team and not a puppet for the board."

Richard Ulrich: "No I’m afraid, he is completely out of his depth, has clearly lost the dressing room and has resorted to blocking fans on Twitter who dare to voice any criticism."

Graham C Maloney: "Sadly don't think he is. Had the best squad on paper pre-season, optimism high, fans buzzing, big crowds.....and 10 games in we're well off the pace in so many ways. Luckily only managed to watch 1st 45 mins Sat as had plans. It's grim!"

Henry Jones: "We're going through a rough patch, and even though there's a fair way to go in the season, these sub-par performances are worrying."

kevin taylor: "No, sack him n his staff."

Jono: "No, worst manager the club have potentially ever had. Shocking."