A WOMAN who defied the odds of a terminal illness will continue to ‘make the most of her life’.

Julie Bickerton, of Brymbo in Wrexham, will take part in a skydive next month to raise funds for Cancer Research Wales.

In January 2014, Julie discovered a lump in her neck and after further tests, she was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer with metastases of her liver and spine.

She was told she had weeks to live and was placed on palliative care.

Having 15 blasts of chemotherapy for a week at a time she stayed strong and pushed herself through it - then in January 2015 a scan showed no cancer and she has been in remission for five years.

Daughter Stephanie Bickerton told the Leader: “She was told she had weeks to live but five years later she’s still here.

“It was really hard at the time. She was diagnosed in the January and I was getting married in May and they were telling me to bring my wedding forward but she was adamant on not letting the cancer ruin her life.

“It’s a constant worry it could come back at any time but she makes the most of her life. Whatever the doctor said she couldn’t do, she made sure she did it and she’s making the most of her life now.”

Celebrating her 50th birthday on September 9, daughter Stephanie booked her a skydive with her future son-in-law, Tom Cochran.

The pair decided to raise at least £700 for Cancer Research Wales.

Tom also chose to raise money for Cancer Research Wales due to also having close family who have suffered with cancer.

Stephanie added: “All through her chemo she battled on, and was determined to not let it affect her, she went on holidays abroad and carried on working for the first few months.

“So many people are or have suffered with cancer. And without charities like Cancer Research Wales people would not get the help and support that they need.

“Cancer Research Wales is one of the leading cancer charities in Wales who are dedicated to the pursuit of a cure for cancer. Currently they are making vital progress into prevention, early diagnosis and better treatment, which will benefit cancer patients in Wales and beyond.

“I booked it for her 50th because it was something she always wanted to do.

“Since she was diagnosed it’s made her realise you only live once so do what you enjoy.

“She’s excited to be doing it, she’s doing it with my brother-in-law to be because I’m scared of heights.”

The pair will be braving the heights on October 26.

To donate visit the JustGiving Page at www.justgiving.com/fundraising/tom-cochran