A COUNCIL remains committed to fighting for what they were ‘promised’.

At their monthly meeting, Connah’s Quay town councillors received an update on the Parc Adfer funding.

The Leader has previously reported that concerns were raised over funding being made available to the whole of Flintshire, not just the Deeside strip.

Cllr Eric Faulkner told members he went to a meeting at Parc Adfer during the summer recess and asked for clarification.

He said: “When I told my councillors, the council was in uproar because that wasn’t what we expected.

“Our council is very upset, and we will not let it lie.”

Councillor Faulkner told members that he was informed that no decision had been made.

Cllr Ron Hill said: “I would like to congratulate Eric on what he’s done.

“We need to put more power on what’s happened. Last minute things have changed, why? If they had idea, they should have brought it forward.”

Wheelabrator is developing an energy recovery facility on a former steelworks site at the Deeside Industrial Park.

Once construction of the combined heat and power facility is completed in 2019/2020, the facility is expected to produce 19 MW (gross) of electrical power.

The fund was established in recognition of the impact the plant will have on the Deeside community.

The Leader also previously reported that members voted in favour of writing to Flintshire Council chief executive Colin Everett and Parc Adfer management to express their concern

At the September meeting, Cllr Bernie Attridge said: “There was a resolution passed by this council to request the chief executive of Flintshire County Council comes here.

“We are talking coming six months, is he refusing to come? We asked him, it was passed unanimously we wanted him to come, what’s the problem?

“At the end of the day politically, the buck stops with the leader of the council. If he’s got nothing to tell us, we’ve got plenty to ask him.

“We want confirmation of what we as a council understood from the beginning. We want to know where it’s gone off course. Can we ask leader of the council to come down?”

Cllr Aaron Shotton told members he was a member of the North Wales Waste Partnership in 2012 and publicly expressed concerns over the site being utilised for what it is.

He added: “We set to work myself and other member at the time, to ensure that there was some sort of community fund at least where the other four authorities across North Wales would also pay in.

“It’s not just a promise it’s written in the North Wales Residual Waste Partnership minutes.

“I’m quite happy to say I’m very clear in those meetings there was clear understanding it was for the community of Deeside.”

Cllr Shotton advised members that any details that have or have not changed will be detailed in the cabinet report, which is yet to be published.