COUNCIL house tenants in Wrexham could be given the opportunity to join a committee which shines a light on housing issues in the county.

Wrexham Council is exploring the possibility of allowing residents who live in its properties to become part of the authority’s homes and environment scrutiny committee.

Councillors currently have the power to recommend to co-opt a number of non-politicians onto panels, who are able to take part in debates but do not have voting powers.

A report due to go before the committee next week says the council’s tenant member partnership has raised the question of whether tenants should be brought on board.

A council officer said it would be a first for a housing scrutiny committee in North Wales if the move were to go ahead.

In a report, Craig Stevens, the committee’s facilitator, said: “Legislation allows for local authorities to co-opt members to sit on scrutiny committees.

“The tenant member partnership has raised the possibility of tenants that are members of the partnership being appointed as co-optees of the homes and environment scrutiny committee.

“Other North Wales councils have been contacted to ascertain whether they have co-opted tenant representatives to their committees that scrutinise their housing function.

“No other North Wales council currently has a tenant representative appointed as a co-optee to their relevant scrutiny committee.”

Members of the committee will be asked to consider the suggestion when they meet next week.

Any recommendation to appoint co-optees would have to be referred on to all 52 councillors on the authority for approval.