A SMALL village school in Flintshire is making a big impact in the battle against climate change.

Despite being on one of the smallest schools in the county, Ysgol Y Foel, in the foothills of Moel Famau, is leading the way when it comes to 'going green'.

Not only has the Cilcain-based school has received significant funding from the Welsh Government for the construction of an eco classroom, it will embark on a radical programme of decarbonisation (a complete shift to renewable energy) with the objectives of becoming carbon neutral, securing a more resilient economic future ( reduced energy bills) and being a pioneer school for the Welsh Government.

This is also a very timely initiative with the recent announcement by the Welsh Government of a climate emergency, Ysgol Y Foel and its pupils will be at the very forefront of the response to this emergency.

Emma O'Neil, headteacher, said: "The pupils will be at the forefront of the decision making process for both projects, linking the work the school council has done on the new curriculum, this year, and build additional links to Wales' Wellbeing of Future Generations and Environment Acts and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

"Following the announcement by the Welsh Government of a climate emergency, As a school we're proud to be able to make these changes in order to do our bit to reduce the catastrophic consequences of climate change."