BACK by popular demand, a market stall in Holywell offering recycled school uniforms will be returning in time for half term.

A recent survey completed by the Department for Education found that parents were spending an average of £230 per pupil - without a school-branded PE kit.

To alleviate the cost on families, the deputy mayor of Holywell Cllr Lynda Carter has set up a stall on the town market which offered a selection of uniforms from schools in the Holywell and the surrounding towns where customers could give a donation which would go back to benefit local schools.

The Leader previously reported on the success of the idea and how it helped families meet the rising cost of school uniforms by giving a new lease of life to clothing that would otherwise be thrown away.

Cllr Carter also said that the public have really got behind the environmental aspect of the cause.

She said: "By having a spare uniform on hand, it will ultimately mean that we are washing less often that reduces the amount of water and electricity used. The idea of a recycled uniform should bring no shame with it."

The scheme has been built upon to tackle the upcoming cold weather and winter months by seeking donations of winter coats, hats, scarves and gloves.

The deputy mayor has said that all donations for the upcoming stall can be taken to Sarah's Coffee Shop, off Holywell High Street in The Mews.

The uniform exchange stall will be returning to the town's weekly market, now held in Tower Gardens whilst work is completed on the de-pedestrianisation of the High Street, on Thursday, October 31 from 9am.