CONCERNS have been raised over ongoing fly-tipping in a Flintshire town.

The Leader has previously reported the multiple fly-tipping offences across Shotton and once again it was raised at the town council’s monthly meeting.

Cllr Mike Evans said: “Fly tipping is getting ridiculous, I’m getting sick of reporting it. I’m quite happy to say the East Ward has improved about 75 per cent. It’s not perfect yet because we’ve had problems there recently, but our town centre has gone beyond it.

“I’ve spoken to (Cllr) Sean (Bibby) many times, I speak to Wayne (Jones, Streetscene) every day unfortunately about it.

“It’s in the same places but it’s food waste. We’ve got seagulls going in there, we’ve got cats going in there.

“By the side of Crystal Bingo, I’ve never seen anything like it. Buckley tip looks better.

“They are by food outlets. Wayne must be sick of me every morning sending him reports where all the fly-tippings are.”

The Leader previously reported that CCTV has been placed in the town’s hotspot areas after educational flyers were sent out to local residents.

Cllr Sean Bibby told members that he has also requested that bins get emptied on a frequent basis, after bags are being ripped open and rubbish scattered everywhere.