A TOWN council will move its meeting place due to the future closure of its local community centre.

The Leader has previously reported that the Shotton Community Centre, based on Plymouth Street, was facing closure.

Despite the many volunteers who came forward to say they would help with the upkeep of the centre it could not continue due to the lack of trustees willing to come forward.

The centre houses many play groups and community groups, but it also homes Shotton town council.

At their monthly meetings, members were told that during the summer, clerk Susan Cartwright and chair Gillian Brockley, tried to find them a new home.

Cllr Gary Cooper said: “It appears we have to find a new meeting space. I know the chair and the clerk have had a look around at places to have our meetings in.

“One they’ve come up with that would suit, not only the town council but also members of the public, is the enterprise centre in Rowley’s Drive.

“With the chair’s permission, we’ve got to make a decision. I propose that we get all the information and we move there for the next meeting.

“There are over head screening facilities and there’s wi-fi. There are no problems with parking or accessibility for members of the public to attend the meeting.

“We’ve always said about inviting people here to give us a talk or demonstration and it’s a bit embarrassing when we ask them to bring their own equipment. The enterprise centre has everything.”

Members were told that the centre would cost £20 plus VAT per month to hire for the council meetings.

However, Cllr Mike Evans said more should be done in terms of finding a different place, closer to the town centre.

Members were told that Cllr Brockley looked at different places, including the Melrose centre.

Councillors voted in favour of the new meeting place being in Rowley’s Drive.