NORTH Wales Police is still pursuing lines of enquiry following the incident with a young girl in Shotton last month.

At their monthly meeting, Shotton town councillors asked for an update on the incident after a man ‘grabbed hold’ of a 10-year-old girl as she was hiding in the bushes during a game of hide and seek.

The Leader previously reported that the incident happened on August 13 on the playing field along Shotton Lane at around 8.45pm.

Cllr Mike Evans asked Inspector Gareth Cust, of the North Flintshire policing team, for an update, adding: “There’s been a lot of police activity around our streets, which is nice to see, but for the wrong reasons.”

Inspector Cust informed members that the investigation was still ongoing.

He said: “It’s currently with our CID department. We can’t say too much, but inquiries are still ongoing.

“There’s a number of lines of enquiry we are still pursuing. I can’t say too much but there was some speculation after an incident in Flint and whether it was linked, but I can safely say that it wasn’t.”

Cllr Doreen Mackie asked if information had been passed on to schools about being more vigilant during term times, which can be sent out to parents.

Inspector Cust added: “With it coinciding with the school holidays, not initially. If schools are concerned or need any safety advice, we can arrange that with our community safety department.”