A FORMER bar and restaurant in Buckley could be converted into 13 apartments under new proposals.

An application has been put forward to Flintshire Council to transform the Windmill bar and grill into living accommodation.

The business on Mill Lane closed its doors in October last year and the company which owns the property now wants to change its use.

It follows a public consultation event being held in the summer to give residents the opportunity to provide feedback.

According to a report, the main issue raised by neighbours on Millers Court was the possibility of tenants parking on a shared access road, preventing them from getting to their homes.

However, representatives from Windmill House Buckley Ltd said they had also received support for the scheme from local councillor Mike Peers subject to the concerns being addressed.

In a consultation document, they said: “Cllr Peers was for the idea of a ‘big building’ being converted into accommodation as currently it is ‘going to waste’.

“He was keen for the applicant to acknowledge the issues based around parking.

“The applicant has considered these comments carefully and would respond as follows:

“Any contractors working on the conversion and any residents who live in the accommodation post conversion will be made aware of the access way and a stipulation will be made that they are not to park on it.

“This will be written in all contractor contracts and all tenancy agreements with residents.

“The applicant will also put up enforcement signs alongside the building to remind residents of the proposed development/contractors that they are not to park on the access way and block in the Millers Court residents.”

Comments are currently being invited on the application via the council’s website.

The authority is aiming to decide on the proposals by the middle of next month.