A FOOTBALL club beset by vandalism has set up goals and pitches for young people.

Saltney Town Football club have unveiled the facilities which are available free of charge for young people in the town.

The club have been hit by constant spates of vandalism over the last couple of years, with the Leader revealing the shocking amount Saltney FC have had to spend repairing vandalism and equipment thefts.

But it is hoped the pitch area - set up on the Sandy Lane playing fields where the club play - will keep youngsters engaged and occupied.

Darren Meredith, club chairman, said: "We wanted to create an area which will be a 'community pitch', somewhere kids can come down and have game of footy on a proper pitch with proper goals.

"So many places around Saltney have 'no ball games' signs, so we just wanted to create a playing area for youngsters.

"The goals are there for all to use and we'll keep the grass cut short.

"And hopefully us doing this will help certain youngsters to respect the area more, instead ripping seats out of our stands."

Announcing the new area on social media, the club used the hashtag '#joinusdon'tdestroyus' to highlight that message.

Cllr Veronica Gay, club president, welcomed the new facilities.

She said: "It's brilliant what the club have done, despite their well documented financial struggles they've funded this pitch area.

"Hopefully this deters vandals and gives them something else to do with their time."

The Saltney Community Initiative, a voluntary community group, on social media added: "Saltney Town FC are a prime example of what it means to be a community group.

"Through their actions, their fundraising aims and their group activities, they encourage young people to be the best sportspeople they can be. Giving them the opportunity of a positive objective."