A WREXHAM man managed to take home £32,000 on a popular ITV game show over the weekend.

Sean Lea, from Penley, joined Jeremy Clarkson on ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’ on Sunday, September 1 and managed to get 10 questions correct, but walked away from the show on question 11, taking with him a whopping £32k in his pocket.

Mr Lea fired through the ‘Fastest Finger First’ round, correctly listing Mercury, Earth, Neptune and Jupiter in order of diameter in 1.37 seconds to earn his place in the chair.

The Leader:

Sean Lea walked away from the ITV game show with £32,000. Image: ITV/@MillionaireUK

He then eased his way through the first few questions, correctly answering ‘Black Sheep’ as a term referring to someone who brings embarrassment or shame to their family to earn £100 and identifying the House of Lords as an upper chamber of the UK Parliament for £200.

After getting by the £16,000 question, Mr Lea revealed that his brother was on the show last year and joked that he had made it one step further than his brother and would give him £10 of whatever he won. Clarkson then asked Mr Lea what he would do with the money if he secured a big cash prize?

In response to this, Mr Lea said: “I would probably buy, or put down a deposit for somewhere to live.”

He then faced question 10, which was worth £32k, and this was the first question that Mr Lea really had to think about. He was asked how many states in the USA begin with the letter M, and after listing off Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri and Montana off the top of his head, he came out with the correct answer of 8.

‘In 2017, Clair Wade Keller became the first female artistic director of which fashion house?’ was the question that faced Mr Lea for £64,000 and this time the risk of losing all the money he had gained was too much for him.

After asking the audience and receiving an inconclusive response, he jokingly said to the presenter: “You’re a man who probably buys a lot of suits Jeremy, so I’m going to ask you”, to which Clarkson replied, “I think you’ve taken leave of your senses.”

He then chose to phone a friend and phoned his brother George, who was also unsure of the answer, before using his final lifeline to take away two wrong answers.

With a 50/50 chance at guessing the correct answer and winning £64,000, Mr Lea decided to walk away and take the £32,000.