A FORMER alcoholic from Wrexham, who has been living with a cancerous tumour for the past 14 years, has celebrated his 656,000 mile cycling achievement.

Brian Davies, 76, from Acrefair, expressed the importance cycling has on his life, especially after his prostate cancer diagnosis in 2005, which he says is his way of saying he is the boss to the disease.

He said: “In 2008, I underwent an operation to remove part of the tumour from my stomach.

“Unfortunately, doctors couldn’t operate on the other part of the tumour, but every four months I attend appointments at the Shooting Star Unit at Wrexham Maelor.

“Previous to my cancer diagnosis, I had a major alcohol problem which came to a stop in 1979, after a doctor told me that I would die if I continued.

“So as well as celebrating my 656,000 miles of cycling achievement this year, I’m also celebrating nearly 40 years of sobriety.”

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A number of certificates that Mr Davies has won throughout his cycling career

Mr Davies started his cycling career in 1965, as he wanted to see as much of Britain as he could, and has kept track of all of his mileages via a handful of diaries.

He said: “Cycling is my therapy for not only my cancer but also for my on-going recovery from alcoholism.

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Diaries that Mr Davies uses to keep track of his mileage

“I do around 50 to 60 miles per day but I used to be able to do double that.

“I now know my limits, which is why I allow myself the weekends off.

“It has become my way of life and I will continue cycling as long as I’m able to.”

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Brian Davies with one of his beloved bikes

Nearly five years ago, doctors told Mr Davies that he had an estimated two to five years to live from his cancer, which he believes has been prolonged due to his daily cycling routines and his new found embrace of seeing the world.

He said: “I’ve cycled all over the UK, which has led me to explore further parts of the world.

“During the winter in the UK when it’s too cold for me to cycle, I head off to hotter countries to walk and explore.

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A number of awards that Mr Davies has won throughout his cycling career

“I miss my beloved six bikes when I’m away but it allows me to recharge.”

In November, Mr Davies is heading off for his latest three-week journey, which will see him travelling to the Philippines, Indonesia and finally, celebrating Christmas and New Year in Australia.

Throughout his ten years of travelling, Mr Davies has visited a number of places, including California, Texas, Brazil, Thailand and has visited Australia several times, all in which he believes has altered his knowledge of different cultures.