A FLNTSHIRE MP is 'appalled' at Boris Johnson's decision to suspend parliament for a month, and vows to fight it.

On Wednesday, the Queen gave the go-ahead for Mr Johnson to suspend parliament over a five week period between September 9 and October 14.

The suspension would leave MPs with only a few days to put a stop to a no-deal Brexit.

David Hanson, MP for Delyn, has reacted to the 'outrage' that will see parliament dissolved unless Mr Hanson and his fellow MPs manage to trash the plan over the coming days.

Mr Hanson said: "The prime minister is determined to have a no deal Brexit by October 31 and has closed down parliament when he should be meeting with MPs to prevent that.

"Whether people voted for Brexit or not, it is an outrage that MP are not having the final say.

"I'm appalled by the prime minister's decision and I will certainly be raising this next week when parliament returns."

Conservative peer Lord Young of Cookham has resigned from his role as government whip in the House of Lords in protest at suspension, known as prorogation.

In his resignation letter, he said the timing and length of the suspension 'risks undermining the fundamental role of Parliament at a critical time in our history.

Meanwhile, Ruth Davidson has also confirmed she is quitting as leader of the Scottish Conservatives.

A number of high profile figures, including former Prime Minister John Major, have previously threatened to go to the courts to stop Mr Johnson if he shut down Parliament to deliver a no-deal Brexit.

After the announcement, Sir John said he had 'no doubt' Mr Johnson's motive was to 'bypass a sovereign Parliament that opposes his policy on Brexit, and he would continue to seek legal advice.