Business Name: Doughnutology

Owner name: Leigh Brigham and James Duckers

Location: Bakery based in Summerhill Wrexham but we deliver to Chester, Wrexham and Flintshire.

Opening hours: We deliver on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday from 10am-2pm. We have a pop-up stall in Buckley (Flintshire PopUp Shops) on a Wednesday and a pitch on Holywell Market (High Street) on a Thursday. However, orders can be made online at any time.

When did you open and why? We opened on October 2, 2018. We opened as we saw a potential gap in the market for fresh doughnuts that do the more extravagant and interesting flavours. We also knew no one in the area was doing online deliveries, so set up in the way to fill that gap.

Why did you open in this location? We opened here because it was in the right location to service the main areas we were looking to deliver to, as well as being a newly furbished unit which was perfect for our size.

What's your most memorable moment/proudest moment in business? So far it would be seeing our doughnuts being displayed in Hawarden Food Shop and King Street Coffee Company, Wrexham, as it is amazing to see an idea that was developed over two years ago turned into fresh products that are sold from strong businesses.

Have you have any quirky/strange requests suggestions or stories from customers? We get them a lot as we like to change our flavours regularly and we like to use customers and Facebook followers input. We have been asked for all day breakfast doughnuts and even a Christmas dinner doughnut. We have even tried a few of the quirkier flavours having sold a maple and crispy bacon doughnut for a short period of time.