WORK has started to allow traffic to flow through Holywell’s high street permanently.

Roadworks commenced on August 27 in the town’s main shopping street and are stated to be completed in November 2019 – with no fixed date in place - but assurances have been made that the high street road’s will be fully operational in time for the busy Christmas trading period.

A spokesman for the town’s business group posted on social media saying that businesses will continue to trade during the period which will see the road closed to traffic.

In July, Flintshire County Council announced that the council had been working in partnership with local businesses and Holywell Town Council to obtain funding for the de-pedestrianisation of the High Street.



The town’s businesses group are delighted that, after initial shortfalls from Welsh Givernment funding meant revising the plans for the town centre, the full scheme of work will be completed and said they cannot wait until the new road and all of its features are finished for everyone to use.

A spokesman for the Holywell Business Group said: “The full scheme will now be completed on the road as the funding from the Welsh Government, Flintshire County Council and the Town Council has been approved.

“All upgrades - including new lighting, signage, pavements, crossings, parking bays - will now be done. For further information, people can contact StreetScene. The plans for the full scheme are in the town notice boards and many of the shops have a copy too.”