AS the new term draws closer, one town in Flintshire is banding together to help ease the rising cost of school uniforms for parents.

With September fast approaching, parents will be rushing about to get last minute bits of uniform to ensure children have everything they need upon their return to the classroom.

However, a recent survey completed by the Department for Education found that parents were spending an average of £230 per pupil without their PE kit.

To alleviate the cost on families, the deputy mayor of Holywell Cllr Lynda Carter has set up a stall on the town market which offered a selection of uniforms from schools in the Holywell and the surrounding towns where customers could give a donation which would go back to benefit local schools.

Cllr Carter said: “I am getting a lot of interest from people travelling from Flint into Holywell because they have heard about what we are doing here. I did originally intend to run this stall four times a year, but will look at running it more often if it something that will help parents throughout the year.”

Cllr Carter also added that the public have really got behind the environmental aspect of the cause.

She said: "By having a spare uniform on hand, it will ultimately mean that we are washing less often that reduces the amount of water and electricity used. The idea of a recycled uniform should bring no shame with it."

Securing a Pupil Development Grant (PDG) – Access is another way that families could ease the cost upon proving their eligibility.

The Welsh Government fund, which has doubled to over £5 million this year, supports families with the costs of school uniform and sports kit, and equipment for activities both inside and outside of school.

The grant is central to the The Minister for Education, Kirsty Williams’ commitment to remove barriers to learning and ensure equity and excellence for all children and young people. Through targeting looked after children and learners eligible for free school meals, it aims to help those families most in need of help with these expenses.

Kirsty Williams said: “No pupil should be forced to miss out on opportunities because of their personal circumstances and background. All learners should be encouraged to aim high and be supported to achieve their goals.

“This fund aims to help address the greater disadvantage learners face simply by not being in a financial position to engage in extra-curricular, enrichment and after school activities.”

For more information on eligibility and how to apply for this grant, please contact your local authority.