A man has been jailed after assaulting one of his brothers and hurling racially aggravated abuse at the other.

Christian John Wright, of Green Lane, Shotton, appeared in custody before Magistrates in Mold on Friday.

Wright admitted several offences, including a racially aggravated public order offence on April 10 in John Street, Chirk, in which he hurled racist abuse at his brother Jordan Wright.

He admitted assaulting his other brother, Nathan Horton, at an address in Plas Madoc, on August 21 as well as using threatening or abusive behaviour towards Mr Horton on that occasion.

Additionally, he admitted breaching a restraining order which prohibited him from entering Chirk, as well as breaching the conditions of a community order by missing a planned appointment in July.

Prosecutor Justin Espie said: “The first incident, the racially aggravated public order offence, was started between two adult brothers. Both are mixed race, including the defendant – the circumstances being the defendant had been kicked out of his home in Chirk due to domestic issues with family.”

He explained that after leaving the home, Wright later returned but was prevented from entering the property by family members, following which he requested clothes.

Wright’s brother then threw an item of clothing out to him, to which he responded with a racist outburst.

Mr Espie said that on August 21, he had caused issues at the home of his sister Kimberley Horton which led to the confrontation with his other brother Nathan Horton.

The following day he was found in Chirk – in breach of the restraining order.

Alun Williams, defending, said the bulk of Wright’s previous offences related to incidents involving his family.

He explained: “It appears that since he has been in a relationship with his new partner – and has been residing in Shotton – there has been a souring in the relationship between him, his mum, his brothers and sister.”

Regarding the racially aggravated abuse, Mr Williams said: “He accepts he called his brother something unsavoury.”

He added that regarding the reasoning behind his client turning up in Chirk, in defiance of the restraining order requirements, Wright had a short term fallout with his partner and ended up with nowhere else to go at the time.

Mr Williams said with regards to Wright’s ongoing community order, he had completed 104 hours of unpaid work.

He also said Wright hoped to one day enjoy contact with his family once again, but that in the short term he had taken a “realistic view” of his circumstances.

For breaching the restraining order, magistrates’ chair Hilary Wiseman jailed Wright for 12 weeks.

She handed him a further custodial sentence of six weeks each for the assault and the threatening behaviour, to run concurrently with the 12 weeks.

As Wright had breached his community order, the magistrates opted to revoke it and hand him custodial sentences of four weeks and six weeks for the previous offences the order had related to – also to run concurrently with the 12 weeks.

Finally, he received a further six week custodial sentence for the racially aggravated public order offence to run consecutively with the 12 weeks – meaning he will serve a total of 18 weeks in jail.

He must also pay a surcharge of £140.