THEY’RE here, they’re there, they’re every you know where....

That’s Wrexham fans for you. Wherever their team may go, you can be sure of one thing - the Red and White army of supporters will be out in full force.

If the two home attendances of 5,500 plus hadn’t convinced critics that maybe some of the supporters’ affection for their beloved Reds was on the wane, just have a look at that amazing turnout at Notts County.

Wrexham’s away following of 1,593 in a crowd of 6,263 was better than the total attendance at NINE of Saturday’s National League matches. Now that’s incredible backing for a team languishing in non-league football!

After 11 years of failure - it can’t be described as anything less after so many aborted attempts to get back into the Football League - you would have expected some Wrexham supporters to throw in the towel.

But it’s been quite the opposite. Wrexham fans have seriously bought into Bryan Hughes’ promise of more entertaining football with 11,458 turning up to watch the first two home games of the season.

And that begs the question: How many do you reckon will be there on Saturday?

Well, it’s a Bank Holiday weekend and Wrexham have won both matches at The Racecourse so we could be looking at a 6,500 attendance. For a non-league club, that is amazing and something every Wrexham fan should be proud of.

Football fans all over the world are fickle. They like watching winning teams - no matter what league you’re playing in.

Wrexham legend Joey Jones made a great point last season - and when people like Joey speak, you listen.

“I can’t believe the attendances we’re getting,” Jones told The Leader as we ramped it up for another promotion push via the play-offs.

“I was looking at an old Wrexham programme at home last week and do you know what the attendance was for a game at home to Chelsea in Division Two - what is now the Championship - in 1982?

“It was just 3,900! I thought there was a one missing when I read it and that it should have been 13,900.

“We get more than that for virtually every home game nowadays.”

It’s sad to think that 40 years ago, Wrexham were playing at that level - just one league below what would be the Premier League.

But so were the likes of Notts County where Wrexham fans were out in full force on Sunday with a following described as ‘magnificent’ by current Reds’ midfielder, Luke Summerfield.

“We all know how good a following we have at the best of times but I think Sunday was magnificent,” said Summerfield, who admitted he and the players had talked about expecting a big turn-out from the Red and White army of fans at Meadow Lane.

“The fans got us back in the game a little bit, it was a great atmosphere and it was just a shame that we couldn’t get three points.

“The crowds we get at home are fantastic but the away following at the club is unbelievable and that showed on Sunday.

“Hopefully in a few more away games, we can get some points for them.”

Journeyman Summerfield, who played in the Football League for Plymouth Argyle, Bournemouth, Leyton Orient, Cheltenham Town, Shrewsbury Town, York City, and Grimsby Town before arriving at The Racecourse in the summer of 2018, admits Wrexham’s support compares favourably with his former clubs.

“I have played at Notts County with some big followings at other clubs and that was no different on Sunday,” said Summerfield.

“The away following at this club is second to none; the fans are amazing at the best of times but the away following - especially with how much travelling we have got to do in this league and such long distances - is just superb.

“Our away following has been amazing and hopefully that can continue.”

The sight of running out to superb support both home and away can only provide inspiration for the Reds players, who aim to achieve what others haven’t managed to in the last 12 years.

And if the turnstiles keep clicking, that should give boss Bryan Hughes some extra revenue to go out and bring in two players to boost their promotion prospects in the January sales.

Whether they do make it back to the Football League remains to be seen. But you know the Reds fans will be there, living the dream, every step of the way on what they hope will be a joyful journey and the end of their National League stay.