MARKET traders were happy to learn that, whilst work is underway to improve Holywell’s High Street, their livelihoods won’t be affected.

Traders who set up on Holywell’s market – which runs every Thursday from 9am until 3pm – were reassured that whilst the work is carried out to permanently allow vehicular access to Holywell’s main shopping street, the weekly market would move about the street according to the schedule of work.

A spokesman for the Holywell Market Facebook group told the Leader: “We are pleased to hear that while the council are carrying out the work on the high street, the market will be mostly kept in the high street itself. Its excellent news that the council have considered the growth of the market and potential for more stalls and have minimised the disruption and uncertainty for the traders.”

The Leader previously reported that Flintshire County Council made an announcement on Wednesday, July 17, that the de-pedestrianisation of Holywell’s High Street will go ahead – despite a shortfall in funding for the project even with successful bids to Welsh Government’s transport fund and to both the town and county council’s capital funds.

It is understood that the work will be taking place in phases to minimise the overall disruption to high street shoppers and businesses – which includes the growing weekly market.

During the first phase of roadworks, the market will be at the top of High Street for around four weeks. Then, the market will move into the Tower Gardens area for another four weeks whilst work takes place in the centre of the high street.

And finally, the market will move to the bottom of High Street for another four weeks whilst work takes place at the opposite, and final, portion of the street.

The spokesman also spoke about the recent growth of the marketplace in Holywell and has hopes it can thrive as part of the high street redevelopment.

She said: “It has been great to see the market grow over the last couple of months. People have really taken the message on board of use it or lose it as it isn’t that long ago that we lost Flint Market due to people not using it.

“The market offers many things that you wouldn’t get at a shopping centre that are popping up everywhere that all have largely the same shops. We offer local products, create local jobs and adapt to what the customers are asking for.”

They added that new stalls can be set up with their pitch covered for four weeks free of charge and then a weekly fee of just £10 – which includes a table and gazebo.