RESIDENTS have been left fearful as traffic issues continue to blight their area.

Erica Mackie has lived on Wepre Lane for over 40 years and she told the Leader it is no longer safe due to inconsiderate motorists.

She said: "The problems with traffic have not abated one bit. If it's not people mounting the pavement, it's the speeding.

"This place is absolutely fantastic, I love the community and I love the views I have from my house, it's absolutely beautiful.

"The problem is just on the front, when we want to get in and out of our driveways people won't stop. It's constant battle.

"It's a lane. I moved onto a lane, not a motorway and it's not safe."

Erica said herself and her neighbours have, on many occasions, been left fearful of their lives.

She added: "There have been two incidents in the one week due to traffic, including a cyclist and a car.

"A neighbour of mine was putting something into her car and driver mounted the kerb, which an awful lot of cars do, that's part of the problem. The driver said she had no choice but to go on to the pavement."

Erica is calling on North Wales Police, David Hanson MP and Flintshire Council to join forces in a bid to combat the issue.

She said: "I've been in touch with my MP, police and Flintshire Council but everyone seems to be shifting the blame.

"We are told by different organisations what can't be done so I'm hoping we can all work together to find some sort of solution.

"We get big wagons speeding down the lane and we have enough signage here to open our own highways department but it doesn't make a difference. Speed limits aren't adhered to.

"It's not safe anymore. Part of the lane is in Connah's Quay and it's 30mph which has been reduced because it was national but it just makes no difference.

"I hope now that we get a response from different organisations and they take our concerns seriously.

"I won't even walk with my grandchildren because I'm not prepared to put them at risk."

Erica also sent a letter to residents on the lane, asking them to also speak out about their concerns.

She told the Leader that they all need to work together to get something done, adding: "We all have stories to tell from issues with no care for our safety.

"Even if you walk on the pavement we get abuse. I ask people to slow down and I've had bricks threw my window. The verbal abuse is foul. We have got to live here.

"I'm really fearful of walking down the pavement to go to the park and life shouldn't be like that.

"The letter I sent out to local residents is the last straw. Something has to be done about the volume of traffic through the lane.

"It's like no-one has time to be patient when coming in through Connah's Quay.

"When the lane is quieter in evening the speeding starts. When there is congestion we get the kerbs mounted."

A nearby resident, who did not want to be named, said: "Flintshire council absolutely must recognize the problems that exist on the stretch of lane by Erica’s house.

"When they give planning permission to built new houses no thought is given to the extra traffic that will create. The only safe measure that can be taken is to provide traffic lights and speed control bumps."

David Hanson, MP for Delyn, told the Leader he has contacted Flintshire Council and North Wales Police.

He said: "I share the concerns over speeding traffic and the challenges of cars mounting pavements and have raised following Erica's contact with both the police and Flintshire county council- this is a very narrow stretch of road facing dual difficulties of speed and space - I’ve asked it be looked at urgently following recent near miss incidents."