MEMBERS of multiple Rotary Clubs stumbled across fly-tipping in Wrexham and have expressed their disappointment.

The Erddig and Wrexham Rotary Clubs teamed up for a litter pick in the town but got more than they bargained for when they discovered a huge pile of rubbish off Watery Road.

Jane Wedley of Wrexham Rotary Club has said they were able to identify the offender and have reported them to Wexham Council.

She said: “Members of Erddig Rotary Club joined with members of Wrexham Rotary Club last weekend to do a community litter pick along the path from Wrexham Hospital to Watery Road, past Morrisons Supermarket.

“Volunteers from Wrexham Homeless attended, it was however disappointing that no one from Offa council or Morrison Supermarket joined us.

“An area of obvious fly tipping was discovered, and the address of the culprit was on pieces of litter so this has been reported to Wrexham Council.”