READERS have had their say after plans to increase the charge for garden waste collection in Flintshire became a reality.

The Leader reported that members of Flintshire Council’s corporate resources scrutiny committee considered the decision at a special meeting held in Mold’s County Hall to progress with the plan on Monday.

Members voted in favour of the cabinet decision which will now see this amount rise from £30 to £35 from spring next year - or £32 for those who pay this charge early or online.

A number of readers worried that this could lead to an increase in fly tipping.

One said: “This is going to increase fly tipping as not everyone can afford this. Not everyone has a car to get to recycling centres which are excellent places.”

A second added: “I can’t wait to see what people start dumping now to save paying £35.”

Some readers looked for alternative means to dispose of garden waste – including the free-to-use Household Recycling Centres located around Flintshire in Buckley, Mold, Greenfield, Sandycroft and Oakenholt.

Another suggested: “You could always buy yourself a composter if you don’t want to pay the charges.”

Others readers were just fed up with complaints.

One said: “Get things in proportion, it's £35 a year... less than a pound a week! 10p a day. That’s all we pay for emptying our brown bin. Stop moaning!”