A MUM from Buckley is urging those who need a place to speak about their mental health to make use of a new drop in scheme.

Joanne Evans, 53, told the Leader her son took his life in June 2017. He was 29.

She recently started a regular meeting at Hawkesbury Community Centre in order to provide a safe space for people to discuss their feelings in a bid to prevent suicides.

Mrs Evans said as of Tuesday, the meetings have helped three people either find support with other organisations, or to talk about their mental health.

She said: "We have had three people so far, which doesn't sound like much - but that's three people too many.

"Two of them I have been able to signpost on to other services which were more suitable for them.

"For the other person, just talking to someone outside of the family helped.

"I have been putting flyers around in pub toilets, because if I put them in open communal areas people are not going to read them because of the stigma of being seen reading them. "You don't have to have a mental illness to feel suicidal.

"Come down to the centre - you can talk, you can cry, you can vent. It is all confidential."

Mrs Evans has now set up a public Facebook group for the centre, called "Drop in centre".

She is also looking into options to make the project secure for the future.

"I've been applying for funding," she explained. "It is mainly just the cost of the room. "I have to thank Cllr Dave and Cllr Carol Ellis - they have been diamonds. It is thanks to them that it is set up."

The meetings take place at Hawkesbury Community Centre in Buckley every Monday and Friday from 3pm to 5pm.

Any organisations, businesses or residents who are interested in sponsoring or making a donation to Mrs Evans' drop in centre can reach her via the Facebook group, by searching for "Drop in centre."