THE MP for Delyn has expressed deep concerns over the rise of unemployment in the constituency which has left him feeling that the UK is ‘worryingly close to a recession’.

Latest unemployment figures for the area (as of July 2019) show that the total number of unemployed claimants stands at 1,255 – translating to 3.8 per cent of Delyn’s economically active population of people aged between 16 and 64.

That figure has risen significantly from the same point last year, when there were just 980 unemployed claimants in July 2018.

The current figure of 1,255 is also 10 more than the number recorded a month before (1,245) in June 2019.

There has also been a notable increase in the number of claimants who are aged between 18 and 24.

A year ago, in July 2018, there were 210 unemployed claimants in that youthful age bracket, but as of July 2019, that figure has gone up by 65 to 275 unemployed 18-24-year-olds.

About the issue, David Hanson MP said: “Last week, news broke that the UK economy shrunk for the first time since 2012 by -0.2%.

“The unemployment figures for our constituency show that we are worryingly close to a recession and jobs are already being lost.

“Not only does the pound plummeting mean going on holiday becomes more expensive, it means that the cost of buying the weekly shop goes up. People have been struggling for years as austerity has continued to hit North East Wales hard.

“The Welsh Government and Flintshire County Council have been investing wherever possible – with ever decreasing resources – to support growth in Flintshire, but they are doing so with a detached and uninterested UK Government.

“We are a proud area that prides itself upon the idea that a hard day’s work should earn you a decent day’s pay. What we are seeing is jobs being lost due to uncertainty over Brexit – causing the pound to collapse – and employers shutting down works.

“The next few months will be of the utmost importance for the UK economy. If the UK Government get Brexit wrong, then I fear what may happen next.”