A TOWN'S annual competition has returned for its fourth year and is growing increasingly popular.

Organisers of the Flint Scarecrow competition say it is about bringing the community together through a fun activity.

The Leader:

Residents across the town are being encouraged to make their own scarecrow, of any theme, and showcase it in their front gardens for all to see.

They should also be posted on the Off Flint and the Off Flint Scarecrow Facebook page.

The Leader:

Kirsty Smith organised the event four years ago.

She told the Leader: "I had seen scarecrows with my children in Kinnerton and they wanted to make their own and so I thought why not have the whole community get involved.

The Leader:

"My dad at the time offered to fund the prizes and it's just sort of grown from there."

The scarecrows are judged by three of the winners from the first year - -Alexia Carrington, Helen Roberts and Danielle Noble.

The Leader:

Some of this years' prizes include a £100 cash prize, a year's worth of toilet roll, gift vouchers and bath bombs.

Kirsty said: "We try and make it so there's prizes for everyone.

"We do it for the kids, they love it and it keeps them busy during the summer holidays.

"Since starting four years ago, I think the quality of the scarecrows have gotten better, it's become more competitive now."

The Leader:

This year, Kirsty and her husband have pledged to donate £1 for every entry to the British Heart Foundation.

She added: "We decided to do this because my husband lost his brother four years ago from a heart attack and he lost his mum a couple of months ago from a heart attack.

"Half way through the competition last year I lost my dad from a stroke so it's been a bit of a bad run for us.

first time this year for charity."

The Leader:

Some of this years entries include Slimming World, a monkey, a mermaid, Donald Trump and M&M's.

The competition is running throughout the whole of August.

Those wishing to take part can upload a picture to the Off Flint Scarecrow Competition Facebook page and the three with the most votes will win.