CONSTANT cold callers and scammers have left one Wrexham woman feeling frustrated.

After receiving five calls in one afternoon, Carmel McQueen from Wrexham has said she unplugged her landline after getting fed up of being targeted in her own home.

She said: “It is absolutely ridiculous that people are being targeted again and again by these ruthless scammers. People are thankfully getting wise to their tricks but some people who are vulnerable can easily be taken advantage of – it is just so unfair.”

Callers made claims to Mrs McQueen that money had been taken from her account and that she should get in touch with them immediately to fix the situation.

After checking with her husband, he confirmed that no funds had left their account and that the caller must have been trying to scam them.

Efforts to find out the last number that called the household fell flat when Carmel rang up the 1471 service and the scammers telephone numbers did not exist.

Repeated calls to their home number for months has led to Carmel unplugging her landline in an effort to stop the irritating calls completely.

She added: “People who know us can easily get us on our mobile phones nowadays but I shouldn’t have to give up my landline as I am worried the person on the other end is trying to con me.”

North Wales Police say that these fraudsters do not discriminate and have issued the following advice to deal with scammers on their website.

This includes never disclosing security details such as PIN codes or full passwords, not assuming that an email request or caller is genuine and listening to your instincts – if something feels wrong then it is usually right to pause and question it.

A force spokesman said: “Fraud can take many forms. Thousands of fraudulent letters, emails, telephone calls and faxes go out every day to individuals and companies.

“Fraudsters are opportunistic and innovative. They are constantly identifying new targets and adopting new tools and techniques. They will try to steal from all sections of society, so you need to know how to protect yourself.”