EFFORTS by several communities, organisations and businesses to support people living with dementia were recognised at a recent event.

The Dementia Friendly Flintshire based communities and organisations came together to hold their first conference at Theatr Clwyd.

All members of the dementia friendly communities, representative from dementia friendly organisations and people living with dementia shared best practise and celebrated all the great work they have done since 2014.

Flintshire is the leading county for its dementia friendly work, boasting eight dementia friendly communities, nine dementia friendly organisations that operate or are based in Flintshire that have official recognition from the Alzheimer’s Society and eight Memory Cafés.

There are also three dementia inclusive groups and 63 Businesses or organisation that have been recognised by local Dementia Friendly steering groups for the action they are taking to become dementia friendly.

A total of 10 Flintshire schools which have taken part in intergenerational projects and all pupils and staff have become Dementia Friends.

The county also offers multiple events including dementia friendly cinema screening, farm friends events, a memory café Christmas ball, dementia friendly Christmas shopping, tea dances and a summer sports challenge.

The conference shared all the unique events and activities that the local steering groups had achieved, we shared best practice material and ideas so each community and organisation could replicate or create in their area.

Information was shared on the work taking place with Flintshire Council as they work to become the first officially recognised Dementia Friendly Council in North Wales, and how the council is going to work together with Dementia Friendly Communities and Organisation to improve the lives of people living with dementia and their carers.

The afternoon section of the event was open to the public, where residents of Flintshire could attend the a market place to learn more about what is happening in their towns or villages and also across Flintshire.

Flintshire Social Services showcased their new virtual reality awareness technology, where attendees had the opportunity to experience what it is like to live with dementia via the software. This technology will be developed to be used for training of staff and also for community use.

Luke Pickering-Jones dementia services project manager at NEWCIS, said: "The event was a great success, our aim with the dementia services project is to create a dementia friendly county, at the event I have seen all the communities, organisation and people living with dementia come together to achieve one goal a county that can support, encourage and provide for people living with dementia and their carers.

"By 2030 Flintshire is expected to have the highest increase in population of people living with dementia across North Wales.

"The volunteers I work alongside daily are a great asset to the community and to people living with dementia and their carers, they embody how communities can build and develop together."