Police are actively seeking to disrupt the supply of drugs, a sergeant has said.

Inspector Steve Owens, of the South Flintshire policing team, said his officers are cracking down on the drug supply into the county.

Operation Racer has been launched in a bid to combat the supply of drugs, particularly Class A, from organised crime gangs in Merseyside, to rural areas such as North Wales.

As part of the crackdown on the operation, three warrants in the Buckley area have already been carried out in the past week.

Sgt Gavin Gilmore said these warrants were executed by the Safer Neighbourhood Team to target drug supply as part of County Lines.

He said: "What we are asking for is if there's any information relating to drug supply - if members of the communities of Mold, Buckley and surrounding areas could submit the information to us via CrimeStoppers or here at the station anonymously.

"People will see an increase in action over the next few weeks in terms of warrants and action from the Safer Neighbourhood policing team.

"We are actively seeking to disrupt the drug supply coming into Flintshire.

"Operation Racer will be working alongside other operations which all form our battle against County Lines.

"We do have a lot of work to do. We are tackling County Lines and the drug supply to towns in Flintshire, but what we do need is further information from communities.

"These gangs are targeting vulnerable people and drug users are vulnerable themselves."

County lines is when organised criminal gangs involved in exporting illegal drugs out of bigger cities, such as Liverpool, into one or more smaller towns, using dedicated mobile phone lines.

The Sgt is urging people to remain vigilant and report any suspicious behaviour.

He is also seeking information from parents who are concerned about their children - who are often targeted during County Lines operations.

Sgt Gilmore added: "Vulnerable victims in particular are youngsters in communities.

"We want parents to come forward and provide information. Do you know what your children are up to? Are they wearing new clothes, changing their behaviour? Are they seeing them with a new phone or hanging around with new people?

"A big part is also supporting the families as well because it's the information coming from them that allow us to strategically place where our resources go."

Inspector Steve Owens said they will do all they can to protect people from being targeted.

He said: "On a daily and weekly basis we will target and arrest people bringing drugs into not only Flintshire South, but the whole of North Wales.

"What we need to do is offer support to the victims, and drug users are victims too. We need to be victim focused, we need to have a partnership approach to supporting victims of this behaviour.

"The long term aim is to reduce the need to supply to this area. The more people we get off drugs and divert away, the less demand there will be for dealers out of the area. And this goes for the whole of Flintshire.

"It's an ongoing investigation as part of our long term objective."