A DRINK driver was four times over the limit after crashing his car, a court heard.

Michael Anthony Cornes, 55, was arrested at his home following the incident and claimed he had drunk a bottle of wine before officers arrived.

But the bench at North East Wales Magistrates’ Court rejected his story and insisted he would have to face sentencing based on the higher alcohol reading he had given.

Prosecutor Wyn Jones said the defendant was seen hitting a post at The Bistre filling station in Buckley three times with his vehicle prompting officers to visit his home where he provided an initial alcohol reading of 151 microgrammes compared to the legal limit of 35.

Cornes, of Bod Offa Drive, Buckley, was arrested and a further test at the police station produced a reading of 147, with the defendant telling officers he had drunk some wine and accepting he was over the limit.

However, he added that after he returned home in his car he had drank the remnants of a bottle of wine before opening a full bottle.

He said he was in a state but agreed that he had lied to police by claiming he had not been

drinking at all before driving.

The defendant was supported by his daughter who said she had been in the kitchen when he returned home and saw him drink the wine.

Victoria Handley, defending, said that it was the defendant’s case that he was over the limit, but in view of the wine he had drunk after driving he should not be sentenced on the basis of the high reading.

Magistrates said his evidence had been inconsistent since the moment of his arrest and Cornes’ level of driving impairment clearly indicated a higher level of consumption than he would wish the court to believe.