A COMEDY night is being held in Flintshire next week to raise money for the National Military Working Dogs Memorial (NMWDM) charity.

The Tearooms in Holywell will host the event which will see guests provided with an evening of comedy by the former Flintshire resident, John Martin.

A complimentary bottle of wine will be placed on each table, while visitors will also be able to order from a locally sourced food menu.

All proceeds from the evening of entertainment, which will also include a prize raffle, will go to the National Military Working Dogs Memorial, a charity established in 2017.

NMWDM (UK) was formed to establish a memorial to commemorate the Military Working Dogs who bravely served their country in both World Wars and subsequent conflicts in Bosnia, Afghanistan and Iraq.

Emma Ward, a Trustee of the National Military Working Dogs Memorial, said: “We were hoping to have the memorial built by now, but it just hasn’t worked out that way.

“We’ll be showing people at the comedy night a model of what it is planned to look like, and we’re hoping for it to be realistically finished for next summer.

“A fantastic painting by one of our patrons, Jaqualine Hurley, that has been pictured with Prince William will also be auctioned off on the night and that will also go towards finalising the world’s first national memorial to working dogs that will feature the names of each dog to have served our country.”

Comedian John Martin was born in the Bootle area of Merseyside, but lived in Northop, Flintshire for a number of years before returning closer to Liverpool.

Speaking to the Leader about returning to perform in North Wales, the entertainer with 35 years of experience, said: “I always look forward to coming back to Flintshire.

“The region is a very important place to me having lived there for 16 years, and I’m coming back to perform for a fantastic cause.

“I’m very interested in my military history, and dogs are also a big thing for me with one of mine buried with The Pet Cemetery here in Holywell.

“I’m excited to perform at this upcoming event for a magnificent cause which is something that Flintshire should be proud of.”

Tickets to the comedy night on Friday, August 9th in the Tearooms at The Pet Cemetery in Holywell will cost £30 per person with all proceeds going to charity.

To book one of the few remaining places at a table, or to get more information about the event, visit



You can also donate to the National Military Working Dogs Memorial by visiting