A high school undertook a project to educate students on dementia.

The Flintshire Council project, run at St David's High School in Saltney, is named 'Never Ending Story' and involves educating people about how to spot signs of the condition and treating sufferers accordingly.

The project was funded by Saltney Town Council and saw specialist educators teach students about the disease and how it affects people.

The students learnt to be able to tell who has dementia and how to react to them in everyday situations - in a shop, for example.

Following the lessons, Saltney councillors were invited to the school to watch a play delivered by students.

The play showed two different scenarios; how the students would react to situations before the project, and how they would after it.

The play was designed to show how much the students had learnt following the project, and much better placed they are to recognise signs of dementia and reacting accordingly.

Students also received a certificate in recognition of their hard work during the project.

Cllr Veronica Gay, county councillor for Saltney Stonebridge and chair of Dementia Friendly Saltney, attended the event.

She said: "It was absolutely brilliant to see how better educated the students are on dementia following the project.

"The play they delivered - having only a day to rehearse it - was fantastic and very touching.

"I hope they'll be able to re-enact the play on Older Persons' Day on October 1 at the memory café in Douglas Place community centre."