With only a couple of days left, the Leader meets another local trader as part of its celebration of Independent Retailer Month.

Name: Lee Gladman

Business: Dragon DVDs

Location: Daniel Owen Precinct, Mold Indoor Market

Telephone / website: 01352 331958 / dragondvd.co.uk

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday 9am-5pm, excluding Thursday, which is until 4pm.

When did you open and why?

I opened in 2010. At the time there was no other entertainment or games shop in the vicinity of Mold. Blockbuster was on its way out and I thought there was an opportunity to bring something new into the town.

The Leader:

Why did you open in this location?

I am a local lad, I've lived here all my life. Mold has always been an historic market town.

From a young age I worked on the markets, so it's more or less what was bred into me.

I know the local people of Mold, I'm very familiar with the area, so it is where my comfort zone was.

Tell us about your business/what do you sell?

Anything to do with entertainment - media, games, DVDs, music and collectibles to do with movies usually.

What's your most memorable/proudest moment in business?

Actually establishing my business and making that transition from working for Flintshire Council to going down that path and actually doing it.

That was my proudest moment - to succeed.

Have you had any strange requests/quirky suggestions or stories from customers?

I do have the capability of finding rare and hard to find films for people - things that have been deleted or are sometimes only available on VHS.

The rarest film I found for someone was a 1950's Blue Lagoon, the original. That was for a lady who wanted to watch it with her daughter. She'd been looking everywhere for it. It took me three months and was very hard to find. She even bought me a bottle of Jack Daniels for the effort. It was really nice!