HEATWAVE conditions have been hitting the region all week.

With temperatures in North Wales reaching close to 30°C.

The Met Office predicts that temperatures will return closer to normal as we head through the weekend, with the weather becoming more unsettled with an increased chance of showers.

Looking ahead, night-time is set be uncomfortable, with potentially record-breaking overnight temperatures reaching as high as 22°C overnight into Friday.

According to data by the Met Office, the hottest temperature recorded in North Wales came from Flintshire’s Hawarden Bridge on August 2 in 1990 at 35°C.

We asked readers to give their opinions on where the best and worst places to be working during the hot weather.

David Stonely said: “An industrial flat roofer fixing foil insulation boards in full PPE.”

Nicky Kn, who works at Moments Candle Company in , has spent her day trying to make candles in the increasing heat!

Tanya Davis said it was rather hot working inside an aeroplane wing at Airbus Broughton.

Emergency worker Kayleigh Wheeler said that she was working today in an ambulance where the temperature reached 37 degrees.

Kate Lewis said: “I feel so sorry for the refuse collectors having to deal with hot stinking bins and maggots in this heat!”