Happy couple: Karina and Scott Holt, from Oakenholt, Flint

Best man: Kyle Smith

Bridesmaids: Carrie Guest, Aleisha Rooney and Caitlin Vaughan

Bride’s parents: John Vaughan

Groom’s parents: Susan Richards, Bryn Richards and Robin Holt

Where they met: Met at a mutual friend's party 14 years ago

Where they married: Ceremony and reception at Northop Hall Country Hotel

Where dress/bridesmaids' dress from: Dress was from WED2B and the bridesmaids' dresses were from a retailer on eBay

Where groom and best man’s attire from: Groomswear was from Attire Menswear, in Sandycroft

Who did the flowers: Vivaldi Flowers did the venue and bridal flowers

Bride’s occupation: Nursery manager

Groom’s occupation: CAD technician

Honeymoon destination: Yet to have a honeymoon but are saving to go to Disneyland, in Florida

Photographer: Vickie Gibson at Photographybymorgan