A WOMAN pleaded guilty to an assault charge after hitting her estranged husband three times in the face.

Appearing at North East Wales Magistrates’ Court, Sharon Linda Evans, 38, admitted slapping Darren John Evans during an argument outside her address on Llwyn Onn Park, Wrexham, on July 5.

Justin Espie, prosecuting, said police officers were called to the address at around 9pm following reports a male had been assaulted during a domestic incident.

Mr Espie said there had been “a confrontation” during which Mr Evans had been “repeatedly” slapped in the face and his car keys removed from the ignition of his car and locked in the house.

Melissa Griffiths, defending, said the couple, who have four children, split up in November 2017 after being married for 13 years.

Ms Griffiths described their marriage as “a difficult relationship” and said Mr Evans had faced an assault charge relating to his wife around the time they split up.

Although they would occasionally have “intimate meetings”, Mr Evans had recently started seeing a new girlfriend leaving his ex-wife suffering from anxiety and depression.

On the evening in question, Mr Evans was looking after the couple’s children and was supposed to stay over although his former partner changed her mind and came home early after having “drunk too much”.

Chair of the bench, Geoff Bull fined Evans £40 and ordered her to pay court costs of £85 and a victim surcharge of £32, but did not make her pay compensation to her ex-husband.