A DRIVING instructor is pleading with the council to change the signage at a busy Wrexham roundabout out of fear of possible collisions.

John Roberts, who is the chairman of the Driving Instructors Association in Wrexham, has claimed that the approaches to the roundabout have inaccurate road markings and signage, which do not reflect what should be done by drivers.

He also expressed his concerns that the inaccuracies could lead to multiple collisions, resulting in injury or death.

Mr Roberts said: “The first thing I want to say is that I have got nothing against Wrexham Council because I understand they’ve spent a lot of money resurfacing the roundabout and it is much better for it.

“In addition, I have to say that 90 percent of the road markings on the roundabout are perfect and I have no issue with.

“However, my main concern is the signage on approaches to the roundabout. The issue is that the signs have not been altered since the resurfacing and no longer reflect where a driver should be positioned, or what they should do when approaching the roundabout.

“Gresford Roundabout is one of the busiest in the entire of Wrexham, and for those that use it daily it may not be too much of a cause for concern as they will get used to the new lanes and positions after using it a few times.

“The roundabout is also used by many lorry drivers who are carrying goods from outside of Wrexham, with drivers who are not familiar with the roundabout, and will therefore follow the inaccurate signs that are displayed which could, in turn, lead to accidents.

“The worst example I can give is, if you are approaching from Wrexham Industrial Estate and want to join the A483, you used to position yourself in the left lane. However, now it is the middle lane that is the correct one to position yourself in.

“The signage on approach though, still displays that you use the left lane, and I’ve seen multiple people get themselves in the left lane before needing to move over to make sure they are in the correct lane.”

Work to resurface the Gresford roundabout have recently been undertaken in which some changes were made to the road markings.

Mr Roberts added: “I’m waiting for a serious accident to occur to be honest.

“It’s dangerous enough already given the standard of driving in Wrexham, and the fact that the council have managed to let errors like this slip through, it’s like they are looking for more problems.

“I myself asked the council, before the resurfacing took place, if they wanted some input but I never received any response from them.

“It needs correcting as soon as possible, and the longer it stays uncorrected, the more likely we are to have a fatal accident at the roundabout.

“All that is needed is some simple changes to the signage when approaching the roundabout because right now it’s dangerous for everyone.”

Darren Williams, chief environment and technical officer, said: “Resurfacing works have recently been undertaken on Gresford Roundabout and it was during this work that some minor changes were made to the road markings at this location.

“Whilst these works have been widely appreciated by the travelling public a minor issue has been identified with the new lining works which we intend to rectify at the earliest possible convenience.”