A DRUNK woman stole a mobile phone, attacked her victim before kicking out at police officers as she was arrested in Chester city centre.

Toni Danielle Goode, 30, of Maple Grove, Saltney, pleaded guilty at the first opportunity at Chester Magistrates Court on Friday, July 19 to being drunk and disorderly, attacking member of the public Helen Hale and PC John Wszolek, and attacking and resisting PC Samantha Knox while being arrested.

Goode was also in breach of a conditional discharge imposed on April 15 for being drunk and disorderly.

Magistrates heard the incident had happened after Goode had drunk 12 cans of lager while watching the Chester Raft Race.

The case was adjourned until August 8 for a pre-sentence report to be compiled.

Prosecuting, Rob Youds said it was about 5pm on June 30 when Ms Hale saw Goode and a man coming at each other outside the Grosvenor Hotel on Eastgate Street.

She looked away as she did not want them to notice her, and had a mobile phone in her hand.

But Goode snatched the phone and walked away.

As Ms Hale went towards Goode, Goode said to her: "What are you going to do, b***h?" – to which Ms Hale replied: "No, it's fine, I won't do anything."

Goode's male companion then said: "Give her the phone, back, Toni," but Goode continued to walk away.

A member of the public approached Ms Hale, saying he had seen everything, and offered to walk Ms Hale away before getting the phone back.

Goode "made a beeline" for Ms Hale, who tried to walk away and got as far as the steps leading up to the Rows near Bella Italia before she was grabbed from behind.

Goode then bashed Ms Hale's head against a wall and began ripping chunks of her hair out, in an attack lasting about 20 seconds, before a security guard intervened.

Ms Hale said the incident left her feeling scared and shaken and made a formal complaint.

Two police officers later stopped Goode on Bridge Street, where she called them "f***ing weapons" and was arrested.

She kicked out at the officers, hitting PC Wsolek on the top of his leg and kicking PC Knox a number of times.

When interviewed, Goode said she had been watching the raft race and had drunk 12 cans of lager.

She was apologetic about her behaviour with the police officers.

She had recently had her kids taken away but that did not excuse her behaviour, she admitted.

Goode had eight previous convictions for 10 offences, none for violence.

Magistrates adjourned the case and Goode was bailed on condition she attended an assessment for an alcohol treatment programme in the meantime.