A BROTHER and sister have been jailed for drug dealing after police found around £2,500 worth of heroin and cocaine in the house they shared.

Appearing at Mold Crown Court for sentencing, 24-year-old James Haddock, of Chester Road, Oakenholt, was sentenced to three years in prison and 25-year-old Rebecca Haddock, of Greenfield Road, Greenfield, was sentenced to 21 months.

He had earlier pleaded guilty to charges of possession and intent to supply heroin, cocaine and cannabis and she a charge of intent to supply cocaine.

Brian Treadwell, prosecuting, said police officers had spotted a vehicle driving at around 70 mph along Halkyn Street in Holywell in the early hours of April 19, 2017.

As the officers approached they saw the male driver and a female passenger swap seats before the male attempted to leave the scene before the vehicle was stopped and Rebecca Haddock was found with a mobile phone and £125 cash hidden inside her underwear.

It later emerged that the male driver was her boyfriend who is currently serving a custodial sentence for dangerous driving.

Officers proceeded to search a house on Victoria Way in Bagillt where the siblings lived and found four mobile phones with texts from drug users asking about availability.

In total, 96 wraps of cocaine and 124 wraps of heroine were recovered from the brother's bedroom in the house with Mr Treadwell adding that he has eight previous convictions for 21 offences including possession of cocaine and cannabis.

Before sentencing, Judge Rhys Rowlands was critical of the time it had taken for the case to come to Crown Court.

He said: "The evidence against him (James) is completely overwhelming and yet it has taken 18 months for proceedings to take place.

"It is not fair on the community or the individual involved but then I'm saying the same thing as judges up and down the country."

Ben Jones, defending, said that Rebecca Haddock had "acted as secretary" for her brother's dealings and had stayed out of trouble since the incident.

He said: "She has taken positive steps to reduce her own drug consumption as she was heavily addicted to cannabis and her willingness to get involved with her brother was due to this addiction."

Defending James Haddock, Jason Smith said his client had suffered "a very disturbing upbringing" in which both parents were drug dealers.

"His life has been a disaster and up to 2017 he has been a mess," said Mr Smith, who added that Haddock was now "a very different man" and had since become a parent.

Sentencing the pair, Judge Rowlands said: "Neither of you had a great start in life but the two of you knew exactly what would happen if you were caught and now you have to have to deal with the consequences."