A FAMILY has paid tribute to a 'hardworking' and 'lovely' woman who died suddenly.

Zoe Jones, from Connah's Quay was working at Corbett Sports when she collapsed on July 2.

She was rushed to hospital but due to an unexpected bleed on the brain, she died on July 4.

Aunt Emma Adams told the Leader: "She collapsed at work. It was her second day at her new job.

"Her colleagues called an ambulance and we found out he had had a bleed on the brain and was put on life support.

"Hospital staff done scans and they said to us that her injuries were so severe that she wouldn't recover from them.

The Leader:

"Zoe was full of life, crazy and always helping people.

"If she had £5 in her bank and someone asked her for it, she would give it to them. She's that kind of person, always helping people.

"She was very charitable. She spent time with the Help the Homeless group and she would go out and give cooked meals out to people on the street.

"She was lovely, she lived life to the full and would be the first one to the party."

Ms Adams said that Zoe's children agreed for her organs to be donated in a bid to save other people's lives.

She said that organ donation is a huge part of their family after her daughter, Katie Adams, needed a heart transplant about three years ago.

The Leader:

Zoe Jones with her cousin Katie Adams

She added: "My daughter had a heart transplant three years ago so donation is a big thing for my family.

"We are really proud of her and proud of her children. When you're on the organ list, they still ask your next of kin for permission.

"I think being an organ donor is important because it's going to save someone's life. People don't understand that people who are on the list, people who are in need of a vital organ, they aren't out there enjoying their life, they are normally very poorly.

"It's also so important to share your wishes with your loved ones."

Katie Adams, now 18, battled cancer as a child and as a result was diagnosed with heart failure.

She became really unwell and needed a heart transplant herself.

Ms Adams said: "We only had to wait two weeks, we were really lucky.

"People don't like talking about it because they think talking about it, something will happen to them.

"Noone likes talking about dying but it's so important.

"Anything I can do to make people have that conversation, it doesn't matter what their thoughts are on it, just as long as they talk about it.

"Her children are being so strong. The street where she lived has also been amazing, they held a balloon release over the weekend and there was a big turn out for that."

Zoe donated her heart, lungs and kidney.

A Justgiving page has been set up by friend Verity Morris in a bid to raise £1,500 to support Zoe's children.

All money raised will go towards helping the family financially.

Anyone wishing to donate can do so by clicking here.

Mum Shirley Roberts added: "Zoe was a hardworking single mum who adored her children.

"I live/lived in Spain but I'm back now to care for her children - my grandchildren - a promise I made only a few weeks ago. She asked me if anything happened to her that I would look after them.

"We had a great holiday at the end of June in Costa Blanca and we made nice memories for the children.

"If she had 10 pence in her purse she would give it away to help someone."

Zoe leaves behind her children Cerys-Eve Roderick (8), Rhys Lewis (15), Cameron Evans (20) - brother Lee Jones and sister Nina Sylvester as well as mum Shirley Roberts.