A WREXHAM resident has voiced his concern about an area of overgrown shrubbery outside his house.

Syril Williams, from Rhosnesni, has complained that the shrubbery has been untreated for over two years, resulting in it growing to an alarming height.

He explained that Wrexham Council used to trim the shrubbery annually to keep it maintained and said that despite multiple complaints at community council meetings, nothing has been done.

“The issue we’re facing is this area of shrubbery, it’s grown beyond the shrub bed, and it’s getting out of control, it’s beyond a joke now.

“Kids have started using it as a den at night, causing problems, chucking rubbish around it and in people’s gardens.

“This has been mentioned at numerous community council and resident association meetings, the local councillor knows the issue, and nothing is being done about it.

“We’ve been getting told for the last two years that something will be done, that it will be cut, but as you can see, it hasn’t.”

Mr Williams went on to add that the shrubbery has become a real eyesore for the entire of Fenwick Street, particularly from outside his windows.

He believes that if the shrub bed was eradicated completely, the area could be put to better use.

He said: “Would you like it if you had to see it directly out of your window? Would the councillors like it if it was outside their home? Would anyone like it? No, they wouldn’t.

“If it belonged inside a nature park then I’d be all for it, but not outside somebody’s house, it needs addressing.

“It’s been on the cards for two years, but what I want to know is, why it was stopped in the first place?

“The area could be used for off-road parking. We have a problem with people having to park on kerbs or on the grass due to a lack of parking, an off-road parking area would be very beneficial for the residents on this street.

“My message to the council is, you need to pull your finger out and get the job done.

“It’s become an ugly part of the street to look at for all people on it, and multiple people have been affected when kids have been using it on a night as a den.

“They’re supposed to be looking out for their local residents, their constituents, and they’re not doing it.”

Darren Williams, Chief Environment and Technical Officer, said: “Our Crews don’t normally cut hedges and shrubs until August after the nesting season but we will ask officers to take a look at this area.”