AN APOLOGY has been issued to a family bakery firm after council workers cut back wild flower verges outside premises near Wrexham in error.

Staff of the Village Bakery, which has three bases within the area, took to Facebook to share their anger towards Wrexham Council which mowed grass verges located at the front of the bakery on the Industrial Estate.

The comment reads: “Thank you to Wrexham Council for mowing down our wildlife flowers at the front of our bakery.

“We have spent the past four years growing poppies, cornflowers and other wild flowers which have now been destroyed in one fell swoop.

“Why cut down something so beautiful?

“When the rest of the industrial estate is a concrete jungle.

“We were trying to make it a nicer environment for people to work in.

“We work alongside the North Wales Wildlife Trust to maintain these wild flower beds, to help sustain a diverse ecosystem.”

Robin Jones, managing director of the Village Bakery, said: “It’s really disappointing that Wrexham Council has taken this action.

“Someone saw the council mowing down the wildlife flowers in the afternoon of June 26.

“We don’t know why they have done this as there were signs up on both sides to inform them not to cut them.

“It’s a great pity as all we tried to do is make the area a better place with the seven different varieties of beautiful wildlife flowers.”

Darren Williams, chief officer of environment and technical at Wrexham Council, said in response: “This has been a very unfortunate incident that was down to human error.

“As soon as it was realised that the area was not to be cut the operator stopped and our officers contacted staff at Village Bakery and have since visited the area. We will of course work with them to restore the area and will ensure this does not occur again.

“Village Bakery are to be commended for their approach to bio-diversity and we apologise unreservedly for the inconvenience and any distress caused.”