CHILDREN have been given the opportunity to become budding entrepreneurs.

A small business week was held at Ysgol Penrhyn, in New Broughton, which gave pupils the chance to pick up real life skills and learn how to use money.

Gwenfro county councillor Nigel Williams said pupils were tasked with finding and producing their own stock and then selling it to parents, staff and governors.

He said: "Year 6 pupils took part in a small business week.

"They carried out their own market research with different classes, found out what other pupils would like to buy and then split off into groups.

"They were given a small budget by the headteacher of £5 to enable them to buy stock or make it at home.

"They bought sweets, drinks, cakes, and did face painting - gaining money skills by using an Excel spreadsheet to work out their profit and takings.

"Every day last week for an hour-and-a-half, parents, guardians and governors came into the school to buy their products."

Cllr Williams said the small business week raised a total profit of £900, which will be spent on the Year 6 leavers' end of school party.