A GARDEN enthusiast from Wrexham has taken it upon himself to keep his community as presentable as possible.

Malcolm Hughes, 75, from Bradley, who was a former cllr of Rhostyllen for 15 years, said: “I pass that certain area on a frequent basis whilst walking my dog.

“The grass grew as high as the available public bin so I decided to take action.”

Mr Hughes expressed his gratitude towards his fellow neighbours and a local cllr who made the task possible.

He said: “It has brought the whole community together.

“Neighbours kindly contributed money, totalling up to £50 towards this project as well as cllr Tina Mannering; who sorted out a tonne of compost to use in improving the entrance to our area.”

The Leader:

Mr Hughes who originated from Rhostyllen and has lived in Bradley for a long period of time, now hopes to inspire other communities to come together and tidy up their areas.

He said: “It’s a real shame to see some areas get so bad.

“I understand that Wrexham Borough County Council don’t have the time and resources to maintain all areas of Wrexham but with a little bit of community spirit, this could take a certain amount pressure off them.

“With a few little touches it could make a community great.”

Another resident of Bradley, Kerith Hughes, who contributed money to this project, expressed his delight at the success of this project as people are now coming to the area to plant their own plants.

He said: “I’ve been a resident of this area for 48 years and it’s really nice to see something positive happening.

“The more people that get on board, the better.”