DISGRUNTLED residents have demanded that immediate action is taken by Wrexham Council to improve a shabby, overgrown and dangerous alleyway at the back of their homes that is becoming a no go zone.

The alleyway, which is located on First Avenue in Gwersyllt and is used by a many of the area’s residents, has now faced criticism due to the overgrown hedges and the increase in flytipping and broken glass.

One long-term resident, Jean Davies expressed her frustration towards this on-going issue and the impact it is having on her day-to-day life.

The Leader:

Rubbish found in the alleyway

She said: “I like to take my grandson Ollie down the back alleyway on his bike so he can’t go out on the road.

“But this is no longer an option due to the state it’s in.”

Another resident, who has lived in the same house on First Avenue for 57 years, voiced her concerns over the potential health and safety risks that could occur if this issue is not resolved. Pam Fletcher, 80, said: “It’s absolutely disgraceful.

The Leader:

The alleyway in Gwersyllt

“Between the overgrown hedges, broken glass and rubbish being dumped there, it’s never looked this bad.”

“I fear for the young kids who may end up badly hurt by all the broken pieces of glass found there and not to mention the risk of the rubbish attracting rodents.”

Another resident added: “I’ve been a resident for a few years now and it’s the worse I’ve seen it. I refuse to use the path as you don’t know what you will find.

The Leader:

“The council need to maintain the alleyway of a regular basis as it’s only going to get worse.”

A spokesperson for Wrexham Council said: “Officers have visited the area and will be undertaking routine maintenance in due course.”