A FORMER town leisure facility which has sat unused for a decade and a half could be given a new lease of life.

Buckley Councillors Carol Ellis, Mike Peers and Dennis Hutchinson have shared with the Leader their hopes for Buckley's Old Baths on Mold Road.

The facility - built in 1928 at a cost of £5,000 - closed about 15 years ago and has remained unused since.

But the councillors, who are also the three remaining trustees and directors of Old Buckley Baths Community Hall Ltd which owns the site, have revealed what they hope it could become.

The Leader:

The old changing rooms

They have been successful in securing the support of Cadwyn Clwyd in order to appoint a consultant, with whom they will work to create a business plan and examine options for the viability of the building's future.

Cllr Peers explained: "We would like it to become a multi-use community hall.

"We could even out the bottom of the swimming pool and put a glass balustrade around it.

"We're also looking being able to bring in the Buckley Society so they have a permanent exhibition area.

"The building has a historical aspect. This, I gather, is probably one of the last Edwardian baths in Wales.

"And it is surprising how many people learned to swim here - it holds a lot of passion for a lot of people."

The Leader:

Cllrs Dennis Hutchinson, Mike Peers and Carol Ellis outside Buckley's Old Baths

He said the company's success in securing support from Cadwyn Clwyd had given them much "encouragement and momentum".

Cllr Carol Ellis said: "It is an iconic building and there are not many examples of sites like this in Wales or even the UK, I would have thought.

"It is something the town will really benefit from."

The councillors explained how at one point, about 15 years ago, plans had been revealed to build homes on the site.

But thanks to the help of supporter Mary Wright, who undertook a year of research to clarify who owned the baths, the site was saved.

Cllr Dennis Hutchinson said there had been an "outcry" when the housing plans were first announced.

He explained: "We’re very grateful to Mary Wright for what she did because we wouldn’t be here today if she hadn’t got involved.

"I think the important thing to say is that we need help here.

The Leader:

The site has been unused for about 15 years

"We are not at the stage where we need joiners, plasterers et cetera, but at some stage we certainly will be - and we will need technical expertise.

"We will need positive people who are able to put plaster on walls, lay bricks and all of those kind of things.

"There's not an awful lot wrong with the building but it does need some work."

Cllr Peers added that the project is also looking for support from anyone in the community who is interested in contributing their help and time to the scheme.

The Leader:

The old changing rooms

Anyone interested in expressing an interest can email mike.peers@flintshire.gov.uk / carol.ellis@flintshire.gov.uk / dennis.hutchinson@flintshire.gov.uk