The high volume of people smoking near the main entrance of Wrexham Maelor Hospital has been faced with fresh concerns.

Cllr Nigel Williams has previously highlighted the issue via social media and has now released a further image showing cigarette ends outside the hospital's main entrance.

He said: "It looks absolutely awful.

"As a frequent visitor of the hospital, it's unpleasant when you have to walk through a fog of smoke.

"What if a cancer patient had to use that entrance and had to walk through the smoke?"

The Maelor Hospital already has a no-smoking policy enforced however it has proved difficult for employees to take action to stop individuals from smoking outside the building.

The Leader:

Cllr Williams also questioned how this issue may be have an impact on the hygiene of the hospital's equipment.

He said: "I see patients outside the main entrance in their pyjamas smoking whilst using hospital chairs.

"Surely this must be causing hygiene issues, especially after they go back to their wards?"

Despite sharing this issue via social media over three months ago, Cllr Williams believes more action should be taken while waiting for the Welsh Government to introduce tougher legislation later this year.

He said: "I understand that some patients do smoke.

"Maybe they could create a designated smoking area away from the hospital's entrance.

"There is so much the hospital can do, as they do try and encourage people to stop smoking but that's not going to just happen overnight.

The Leader:

"I frequently pick up cigarettes butts whilst at the hospital but the next day, hundreds more appear."

A spokesman for the Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board, acknowledged this on-going issue and their continued support in resolving this problem.

They said: "We share the frustrations of visitors to our sites, and our staff, that some members of the public do not follow our request to not smoke on our premises.

"Our staff routinely clean the entrances to our hospitals and clear discarded cigarettes, and we need the support of visitors to maintain the site’s cleanliness.

"We continue to work with Welsh Government, our colleagues at other Health Boards and partner organisations across North Wales to determine the ways in which we will enforce legislation within the Public Health (Wales) Act.

"Work to follow the guidance set out in the Public Health (Wales) Act will follow our broader strategy on smoking cessation."