CONCERNS have been raised by town councillors that a Holywell road is ‘an accident waiting to happen’.

Councillors met for their monthly meeting in June and raised the issue of access on the narrow access route – namely Old Chester Road – which is set to get even busier since plans were approved for almost 30 new homes to be built on a nearby former hospital site.

Fresh worries were raised by newly elected deputy mayor Cllr Lynda Carter about the road system currently in place and says it is only a matter of time before someone loses their life.

She said: “Our town has grown and grown, which is fabulous, but some roads are not fit for purpose anymore.

“Old Chester Road is very small, and we are getting a lot of traffic congestion there already but what I am concerned about is that when the new houses are built, this will add more cars to this road which is not designed to cope with the amount of traffic it is set to handle so there is potentially going to be an accident.”

Cllr Carter, representing the Holywell West ward, told councillors that she had been canvassing the area and found that there are plenty of concerned residents that believe making the road a one-way system could help in alleviating the existing traffic problems before they are able to get any worse.

Greenfield’s Cllr Rosetta Dolphin said that she would ‘wholly support’ her fellow councillor in campaigning for the street to be made accessible from one-way only after telling the council chamber how herself and several other councillors have previously raised similar fears.

Cllr Lynda Carter also raised the point of highlighting the danger to pedestrians as well as motorists who dealing with the traffic making Old Chester Road particularly hazardous.

She was also keen to stress that it only takes a few seconds for an accident to happen and wants the council to act now before it is too late.

Cllr Ted Palmer, representing the Central Holywell area, said that it may be worthwhile that the council should seek action on the various routes around the town that councillors have identified as dangers and work on a larger plan to make the roads around Holywell safer.

He said: “I ask do we work as a town council and look at the overall issue of all the streets that should be changed to one-way or do we specifically target areas one-by-one? We will be able to make a stronger case if we work together on this issue.”

Cllr Palmer also raised concerns over Pen-Y-Ball Street, leading to the town leisure centre, and Cllr Karin Davies highlighted the possible dangers along Brynford Road, which is just off Old Chester Road.

He explained that Flintshire County Council operate on a point-based system when prioritising new road layouts for the year and adds that, if the town council want action sooner rather than later then they must band together and make those points.

If you have concerns about a road in your area of Holywell, please get in touch with your local councillor to raise the issue.