CROWDS gather to raise hundreds of pounds for a charity close to 'everyone's heart'.

Kelly Bremner, of Hawarden, organised her first charity walk which saw over one hundred people raise funds for Prostate Cancer UK.

The event saw the community come together, rallying up a total of £987.

Kelly told the Leader: "I'm overwhelmed, it was meant to be a community walk that expanded into a big event. The whole community and everyone got behind it, mainly because of the charity it was for.

"We raised well more than I expected and I'm over the moon. Fingers crossed it will become an annual event and hopefully it will be bigger and better again than what we did this year.

"Luckily the weather changed. I could've cried at the start of the week

"A soon as I got home heavens opened, so I think it was meant to be.

"It started off as just a chat and grew from there, I've never organised anything this big before. It was hard work but it massively paid off for the charity and the community."

Attendees marched 5km around the Hawarden Estate.

Kelly said she decided to organise the community walk after her uncle died from cancer last year.

She said: "My uncle passed from it last year, which is my dad's brother and my dad came all the way down from Scotland to do the walk, so it's quite close to my heart. It's close to everyone's heart.

"Everyone has got a husband, father, brother or uncle, someone connected to you that's male.

"The issue is, women are more likely to talk about things like this, but men aren't. My mum battled breast cancer twice but men rarely express their thoughts and feelings.

"I must admit I'm overwhelmed by people who turned up and the amount of people sharing their stories.

"If I'd have had more help I could have made it bigger but I'm, glad I had the day I had, it was worth every minute of stress."

Ian Gibbons, of Radio Deeside, who commentated at the event, said it was a huge success.

He added: "The walk was personal to quite a lot of people.

"Something like four thousand men a year are diagnosed with prostate cancer which is horrendous.

"The walk was very much a family event and the weather was great, it was very kind to us.

"I'd like to thank everyone who helped at the event, including Hawarden Rotary Club, they did a fantastic job."